“You’re a f*cking drug cheat”: Alexander Volkanovski rips Brian Ortega’s PED past during staredown

LAS VEGAS – The UFC featherweight champion unloaded on his challenger after Thursday’s UFC 266 pre-fight news conference.

According to the champ Alexander Volkanovski, he was unaware of the challenger Brian Ortega‘s past performance-enhancing drug use.

” “I didn’t know anything about you popping,” Volkanovski stated during their intense staredown following the pressconference .. “That sh*t doesn’t sit well for me. You don’t belong here. You’re a f*cking drug cheat.”

Ortega tested positive for drostanolone in 2014 following his first-round submission victory over Mike De La Torre at UFC on FOX 12, which has since been changed to a no contest. apologised for his mistake and moved on from the “haters “” who still criticize him many years later.

Volkanovski’s comments came only minutes after Ortega corrected a question about Ortega being entitled to share the cage. Volkanovski stated, “Hey, that’s what he should be here. I’ll give it to him.” He ain’t taking the belt. You don’t deserve it .”

Volkanovski didn’t mention Ortega’s PED history during their time together on “The Ultimate Fighter.” Volkanovski also believes Ortega’s failed test only adds to his earlier assessment that Ortega isn’t sufficiently professional.

“To be honest, (he’s) obviously unprofessional,” Volkanovski said in response to a question about what he learned about Ortega during the filming of TUF 29. “I have said it all week. You know what I mean, unprofessional and weak? Unprofessionalism is what really upsets me. I have worked hard all my life, and especially in this profession. This is how I earned my .”

I just see weakness, unprofessional,” Volkanovski said. It’s obvious that I was irritated by the displaying weakness in popping (for PEDs) a few years ago. It’s unprofessional and I ain’t about that sh*t.”

Since his failed test in 2014, Ortega has successfully competed eight times without failing a test, even under stricter guidelines imposed by U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) upon UFC fighters in 2015.

Volkanovski and Ortega will share the cage in the main event of Saturday’s UFC 266 with the featherweight title on the line. After prelims on ESPN and early prelims, the main event will air on pay-per view.



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