Xbox is curious if you would eat baked beans stuffed inside a PC

Well, there’s a PC case mod for everything nowadays, eh? Reddit user tried to use baked beans to cool their PCs a few years ago. The folks at Xbox are curious if you’d try them.

“Would you eat the forbidden PC beans,” Xbox Games Pass UK said on Twitter.

As if the question required a lot of thought. Over on r/pcmasterrace some time ago, user Mr_Loaf tried using baked beans to cool their PC. You might be wondering why they would do this. You’d be surprised at how many Reddit users upvote stuff like this. You should also try it!

Another user inquired about why the beans wouldn’t get in the pump of the computer’s PC. Mr_Loaf replied that it wasn’t an issue as the beans were stuck before this could happen.

“Nothing, the beans themselves blocked the flow,” Mr_loaf said. “This pump/res combination is not sufficient to mash the beans. Temps were in the min 40s, up from the high 20s they usually are. Didn’t leave it running very long.”

Check out this monstrosity, er, beautiful work of art for yourself below.

would you eat the forbidden PC beans?

— Xbox Game Pass UK (@XboxGamePassUK) September 27, 2021

So the question remains: would you try eating the cursed PC baked beans? I would have to pay a lot to try them, considering that they taste like iron and plastic. This case mod would completely ruin your computer’s performance within minutes of turning it on.

Written by Kyle Campbell on behalf of GLHF.

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