Ways to Improve Security in Your New Home

There’s nothing quite like moving into a brand-new home. This fresh start offers many possibilities, from decorating the living area to starting your first home improvement project. It is important to ensure your home’s safety after you move in. These tips will help you increase the safety of your new home.

Change the locks

As soon as you come into possession of the keys to your new home, changing the locks on all the exterior doors should be a top priority, as you don’t know who has a copy of the current key. You can either buy locks and install them yourself or hire a locksmith to do it for you. Also, ensure that you update passwords and security codes for devices such as security systems or garage doors.

Avoid hidden keys

Do not keep a spare key in common hiding spots, like under a doormat or inside your mailbox. You can either leave a key with someone you trust or install smart locks that can open your doors using your smartphone, scan your fingerprint or enter a numerical code. You can also allow guests to enter remotely, or assign babysitters or pet sitters a unique access code they can use to turn on and off.

Install window protection

The latches on your windows may be flimsy, so you may want to upgrade to window locks that will help make your home less accessible to the outside world. Window locks should be installed on all windows that can be accessed from the ground like basement windows or first-story windows. Window security film can be installed to make windows shatterproof.

Use your landscaping

If your yard has plants or bushes in front of windows, it can be helpful to keep them trimmed below the window line or replace them with low-growing shrubs to prevent a home intruder from using your landscaping as cover. Due to the sound it makes, you should replace mulch near your windows with gravel.

Invest in a security system

A home security system secures the entry points of your home and can alert authorities to a disturbance. To deter intruders, put up a sign in your yard and stickers on your windows if you have a security system. A video doorbell can be installed that sends updates to your smartphone when there is motion outside your front doors. If you’re considering installing a home security system, check out this guide to selecting the best safety device for your home.

Lighten things up

By making your home brighter, you can paint the picture that you’re home, even if you’re not. To make your home seem occupied, place interior lights along with radios and televisions on timers. Motion-activated exterior lighting can be installed to discourage any outside activity after dark. Outdoor lights should be installed in dark areas.

Lock your shed

If your yard has a shed or an exterior garage, it’s just as essential to keep these spaces locked. Install a padlock if your shed does not have a lock. Avoid placing ladders outside of your home. This can allow people easy access to second-story windows.

Develop relationships in the neighborhood

Aside from being good manners, it’s also a good security measure. You’ll be able to establish relationships with your neighbors and help you spot any problems. Consider joining or creating a neighborhood watch program if you want to increase the security of your block.

By making your home security a priority, you can enjoy your new surroundings with confidence.

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