‘Water’s Soul’: New massive sculpture of woman’s head can be seen along the Hudson River


A casual walk in lower Manhattan just got a bit more interesting. Walking along the Hudson River can now bring you to a towering statue depicting a woman’s head.

The massive structure called ‘Water’s Soul’ is 80 feet tall and is now on the Jersey City waterfront, where the woman can be seen with her pointer finger over her mouth. Jaume Plensa, an artist, says it doesn’t look like the woman is shuffling New York.

Plensa says it symbolizes quietude and empathetic self-reflection and “one drop of water is quite alone, like a single person, but many drops together can create a tidal wave, and form immense rivers and oceans; When individuals come together to exchange ideas and create community, we can build something incredibly powerful,” according to a press release.

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Plensa picked the location of the statue because of its nearness to water. In a statement, he stated that water is one of nature’s most precious resources and that we must all work together to protect it. It belongs to everyone, and is not the property of anyone. Water is the source of life, and ‘Water’s Soul’ is a celebration of life.”

The structure was made with polyester resin, fiberglass and marble dust at Plensa’s Barcelona studio and was shipped to the U.S. in 23 containers, according to Reuters.

“Water’s Soul” is Plensa’s biggest piece of art to date and has been slowly put together since August, leaving many onlookers curious. On Thursday, the Newport development in Jersey City will host a grand opening ceremony.

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