Photography courtesy of Christmas SPIRIT Foundation.

Military personnel and their families often have to be separated for special occasions, which many of us take as a given, such as holidays. The families often live far from their homes.

Trees for Troops is a program that helps soldiers and their families to enjoy the holidays. Since 2005, the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation has teamed up with FedEx to deliver Christmas trees to dozens of military bases across the United States and abroad through Trees for Troops.

Here’s a list of ways this heartwarming holiday program can make a difference:

  • Fresh-cut Christmas trees are donated by farms across two dozen states, as well as by retailers and citizens.
  • Trees For Troops has sent around two hundred trees per year to military personnel stationed overseas.
  • Since its inception, Trees for Troops has provided 262,265 trees to troops and military families.
  • Despite COVID-19, the organization delivered 16,073 trees to seventy-nine bases and installations in 2020.
  • Trees for Troops Weekend, usually held during the first weekend of December, is an annual event where donations
    Donated trees and other donations are collected.

It’s said that there is no better place than home to celebrate the holidays. Trees for Troops helps military families when this is not possible. One tree at a moment, we help to boost the spirit of the holidays.

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