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Hey there, listeners. It’s Brett Molina. Talking Tech is back! Mike Snider is my co-host today. Do you still have the Fisher-Price phone toy? It could have been your own phone as a child, or you may have given it to your child as a parent. It’s a cute little phone. The front has a face. You may remember the rotary dial or the days when phones had a rotary dial. It can be used for red wheels and other fun stuff. Fisher-Price will be bringing it back. They have also added a high-tech twist. This is the story I wrote about it on It’s called “The Chatter Telephone”. It basically takes the toy telephone from years ago and makes it capable of making real phone calls. Pre-order the phone at It’s $60.

Here’s how it works. The toy phone can be connected to the Bluetooth network, so that you can make and take calls from it. It can also be used as a speakerphone. You can also use the button at the front to make it a speakerphone. It can be used with Android and iOS. You get a charging cable and it can be recharged just like any other device.

I actually got to try this out. It was sent to me as a sample. It’s cute! It is sure to bring back childhood memories. It brings back childhood memories of when you used to have this cute phone. It can make real calls, however. It doesn’t have a bad audio quality. It was sometimes a little too loud for my taste, both with the speakerphone and the receiver. To really hear the music, you had to crank it up. It’s still fun. It’s fun. How can you be mad at a Fisher-Price toy phone while you’re on the phone with customer service?

The other funny part of this too is I have two kids, and I forget that they’re so used to smartphones, that they’ve really never seen a phone like this before. It was amazing to them both, the way it dialed and the spinning rotary wheel. The receiver was also great because they looked at it as if to ask, “What’s this thing?” They even held it upside-down at one point. They are like “What do you do?” It’s quite funny to see how tech has evolved over the years. It was amazing to see the phones they were using a long time back.

So yeah, you can read more about this Fisher-Price phone, where to get it, all that other fun stuff, on

Listeners, let’s hear from you. Are you looking for solutions to tech problems? This is also something I thought of. Are there any older bits of technology that maybe you’ve shown your kids or you’ve shown a younger person, and they kind of are fascinated by it, didn’t know how to use it, and you just had a fun experience teaching them about how tech was 10, 20, 30 years ago. Please let me know.

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