The Facts about Fall Home Buying

Autumn is a favorite season for many reasons. To buy homes? It’s not so. However, autumn has its unique benefits for those who are looking to buy a home.

fall leaves

Crunch time has arrived.

For homeowners whose property remains on the market after the summer, it is possible that nervousness is settling in. Their house hasn’t yet sold and the holidays are coming up. So they may be motivated to sell their house and settle down before the holidays.

Less competition.

Trying to find a home during peak season can prove difficult. Warm-weather buyers are similar to shoppers who have to fight for their holiday gift. You can shop at home in autumn and get the exact same gift without the stress of competition.

Better values abound.

Research shows that autumn is a time when home prices tend to drop because there are fewer buyers looking for homes. Trulia also found that autumn is a good time to buy a home because of the high availability of starter homes.

empty road

More personalized attention.

Your real estate agent will likely have more clients in the spring and summer so that when it comes to fall, he/she can spend more time with you and your home-buying goals.

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