Rams are trying to build a team that applies pressure – both offensively and defensively

The Rams approach to roster building has been described as unique. They do not build through the draft as other teams. Instead, they trade their picks to acquire proven players.

But no matter how they acquire talent they still have one goal: to create a team that stresses and pressures their opponents. They seem to have achieved exactly that by looking at their current team.

Les Snead gave some insight into the Rams’ roster structure in light of Von Miller’s arrival. He said they wanted to keep adding players who put pressure on their opponent, both offensively as well as defensively.

They have the most pressures in the NFL with six games. This means they are able to defend their goal and they only get better with Miller.

” The position of outside linebacker in our defense is very important, especially if someone has a history of affecting passers like he has,” Snead said to reporters. “What we felt in any of these chances – there are players that get traded or discussed. Okay, where does he fit in, and how can he help us? We have Leonard Floyd and Aaron Donald. We felt that Von would add to the front seven. Von would emphasize the protection, protect the protection, and the one-on-1 matchups. We want to create a team that puts pressure on opposing teams .”


The Rams apply pressure on the offense. Cooper Kupp is their cover man, making it almost impossible for them to cover the season. Van Jefferson has extended the field vertically, as the team’s deep danger. DeSean Jackson was supposed be the player to do this. Robert Woods, who has moved all over the field and ran a variety routes, has also been a difficult coverage assignment.

Matthew Stafford, the X-factor, is the one who attacks defenses at all levels. He can throw it 60 to a deep receiver and can fit passes into narrow windows over the middle. He’ll also no-look at you death on screen passes to keep linebackers where they are.

He is fifth in the intended air yards per attempt, and second in the air yards per completion. This shows that he’s successfully pushing the ball downfield.

Although there is still much to do, the Rams look like Super Bowl contenders.

” Our objective, the big picture, is to build a roster which really stresses and presses the opponent for 60 minutes,” Snead said. We want to create a roster that can win multiple games and not just one. We are 7-1 so we know we have a chance of contending for a division. However, we also have the chance to make a run for a bye or a home playoff. Once you get there, your model becomes boring. All we can focus on is Step 9, which is the Tennessee Titans. Because if you ignore that, the enemy will have a say .”


Few teams in the NFL possess the talent and experience that the Rams have, making them an unbeatable team to play in January.

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