Rainbow Six Extraction will launch on Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass keeps on winning, and that trend isn’t slowing down in 2022 at all as Ubisoft is putting its first big release of the year on Microsoft’s service.

Rainbow Six Extraction will come to Xbox Game Pass on Jan. 20, which is also the game’s global launch day! These day-one launches are becoming more frequent.

Ubisoft’s new co-op first-person shooter has yet to garner much hype, probably because alien parasites are such an odd fit for the Tom Clancy brand. Ubisoft even heavily-reduced Rainbow Six Extraction’s price and added a buddy pass to help coax people into giving it a try. Well, now that it’ll be on Xbox Game Pass, more folks are bound to give it a go.

Breaking down the essence of Rainbow Six: Extraction https://t.co/eZmFoNZroc pic.twitter.com/YrMKET33pR

— Xbox Game Pass (@XboxGamePass) January 5, 2022

Finding a solid co-op game these days is more challenging than it should be, so maybe Rainbow Six Extraction stands a chance of being a success after all. Given the immense popularity of Rainbow Six Siege, there’s bound to be some crossover between the two audiences, especially with Rainbow Six Extraction providing some free cosmetic goodies for Siege devotees.

Rainbow Six Extraction will launch on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Amazon Luna, Google Stadia, and PC on Jan. 20.

Written by Kyle Campbell on behalf of GLHF.

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