Podcast: Mexico’s wine country gets big — maybe too big

A sign for Traslomita restaurant among grapevines

Traslomita Restaurant at Lomita Vinicola Mexicana in Valle de Guadalupe.

(Alejandro Tamayo / San Diego Union Tribune)

Listen now to this episode from The Times:

The Valle de Guadalupe in Baja California is Mexico’s premier wine country, a lush valley that makes Napa seem as gorgeous as a parking lot.

But a lot of development is coming to the Valle — and many locals aren’t happy.

Today, we travel to this beautiful, contested space with two experts. Javier Cabral, the editor of LA Taco, wrote about an anti-development protest in that area. Javier Plascencia is a pioneering chef who has witnessed Valle grow. He wants the world to continue to do so.

Host: Gustavo Arellano

Guests: LA Taco editor Javier Cabral and chef Javier Plascencia

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