Podcast: Losing Rosario

A framed photo of a woman sits beside a statuette, flowers and a candle

A shrine dedicated to Rosario Yanira Giron de Orellana, El Salvador, at the Texas home her sister Maria Huezo.

(Gary Coronado / Los Angeles Times)

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The U.S. has seen a historic number of illegal border crossings this summer — a 21-year high, according to federal figures. This is happening for a reason. One reason is that thousands of migrants have been waiting for asylum in the U.S. since President Biden’s Trump-era pandemic policy, which effectively bans them from entering the country.

In Mexico, the migrants — many from Central America — are at risk of being kidnapped, extorted or killed by smugglers. Many more migrants continue to cross dangerously dangerous border crossings every day to seek refuge in the U.S .

41-year-old El Salvador native Rosario Yanira Giron de Orellana was one of them. In June, her body was discovered on a Texas ranch. Here’s her story.

Host: L.A. Times national correspondent Molly Hennessy-Fiske

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