Podcast: Is celebrity tequila any good? We find out

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Tequila, Mexico’s national drink, is wrapped in mythology through film, song, and art. But makers have long relied on American consumers — 72% of all tequila produced last year was exported to the United States. Celebrities now see Mexican spirits as a way for them to grow their brand and make easy money.

L.A. Times Latin America correspondent Kate Linthicum discusses the phenomenon. Gustavo Arellano invites a few people to a taste test to find out if celebrity tequila is good. Is it good?

After this: A profile of Josie Aslakson (chair basketball player) competing in the Paralympic Games.

Host: Gustavo Arellano

Guests: L.A. Times Latin America correspondent Kate Linthicum, L.A. Times arts and urban design columnist Carolina A. Miranda, Sara’s Market owner Sara Valdes and wheelchair basketball player Josie Aslakson

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