Operation Declutter

What words would describe your home? Congratulations if you can describe your home as peaceful, tidy, inviting, and organized. Let’s talk if you answered chaotic, overwhelming, messy. It’s normal for your home’s to go through phases of clutter and clean. These are some ways to streamline your space.

ENTRYWAY: Establish a landing area for your keys, wallet, purse, and shoes. If space is limited, a console table with a small container can hold keys. A small hook on the wall or a small bowl will work. Install coat hooks along one wall to hold your coats and then slide a shoe rack under it.

KITCHEN: Let the decanting begin! You can store grains, nuts, seeds and flour in a variety of jars. You can store less by soaking the labels on pasta sauce and pickle jars to save money. This will make your pantry appear more organized and make it easier to find what you need at your local grocery store.

LIVINGROOM: A word: Curate. As if your living room were an Airbnb, imagine that you’re staging it as such. What do you want your guests to feel about the space? What can you do to make the space more comfortable and inviting? You don’t have to hold on to knickknacks out of guilt. Give yourself permission to throw them away.

BEDROOM: Are you overwhelmed by the amount of clothing in your closet? A capsule wardrobe with thirty coordinated pieces will simplify getting ready for work. If you struggle to be decisive, consider creating a “maybe” box. If the clothing items are not found in the bin within a few days, it is time to donate them.

BATHROOM: Change your habitat instead of your habits. Move your laundry basket into the bathroom if your dirty clothes are always on the floor of the bathroom. Are there half-fulls of shampoo you don’t like, or face masks that well-meaning friends gave you? To paraphrase Elsa in Frozen: “Let them all go !”


Decluttering is a journey, not a destination. It is a continuous process of reviewing your habits and creating systems. For example, hanging up three shirts before you go to bed or taking out the trash every Tuesday. If you like to plan, Instagram is a great tool. You can search #declutterchallenge to find weeklong, monthlong or yearlong strategies. You can also commit to a “no buy month” (other that essentials) to get to the heart of your desire to accumulate. Get rid of everything!

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