Mirror, Mirror
Photography By Roger Bradshaw

Hanging mirrors are a great way to bring simplicity into interior design. Simple mirrors can make a huge difference in how a space feels, and even how natural light is distributed.

The following are the most cost-effective and efficient ways to transform your home by including mirrors in your design:

A Trick of the Eye

Place a large mirror over a sofa or mantel to give the illusion of more space. Mirror reflections can make a room seem larger and more spacious.

A Simulated Window

If your room lacks natural light or has few windows, hanging multiple mirrors or window-like mirrors in your space can be a great idea. Place them in front of a light source and your room will glow.

A Statement Piece

A large, floor-to-ceiling mirror may seem excessive, especially when the rest of your design is minimal. You might be surprised at how much space and intrigue full-body mirrors can create in a bathroom or bedroom.

A Perfect Match

One of the best things about mirrors in a design is the ability to find the right match for your personal style. Mirrors are available in many sizes and shapes. They can be framed with wood, ornate gold, or left alone to create a modern, sleek look. No matter what size or shape you choose, make sure that the mirrors match your interior.

A Pristine Reflection

When using mirrors in your design the most important thing is to keep them clean. Make sure you clean and dust your mirrors every week to allow natural light to reflect properly.

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