Michigan State football to “stripe the stadium” Saturday against Nebraska

Michigan State is off to their first 3-0 start since 2015, and the fan base is certainly feeling the excitement and the hype centered around the program.

Following a big road win over Miami Hurricanes, the Spartans are returning home to host the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

With a record of 3-0 and a tough opponent in the conference, the Spartans are set to fill Spartan Stadium.


Saturday Night (9/25) we STRIPE THE STADIUM!! I’m so excited to see 75,000 fans fill the Woodshed and show how loud of an environment it is. GO GREEN #RELENTLESS pic.twitter.com/juWCinePPg

— Mel Tucker (@Coach_mtucker) September 20, 2021

Michigan State will be giving the fans the opportunity for an amazing atmosphere, bringing back the “stripe the stadium” concept.

If you are attending the game, you can find what color your section will be wearing below:

Yessir @OdellBretthamJr pic.twitter.com/Z90kGHOEX4

— Tyler Johnson (@TylerJ_312) September 18, 2021

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