Mic’d-up Baker Mayfield was so proud about throwing down a Texans DB with his one-handed block

) The NFL should make Baker Mayfield mic’d for every game, as it will always lead to some truly funny moments.

The Browns’ quarterback injured his shoulder during a tackle following an interception against the Texans. He was able to continue the game because it was his left arm (nonthrowing).

Well, Mayfield didn’t get stopped by his shoulder injury from participating in the blocking action. Mayfield, who was looking to take over blocking duties on a toss play with Terrance Mitchell as his opponent, actually threw down Mitchell with only one arm.

Mayfield — seemingly surprised by his own strength — had to brag about the devastating block to his teammates.

I buried him with one arm. “@BakerMayfield doesn’t need a left arm apparently (via @nflfilms) pic.twitter.com/x2plNSSETe

— NFL (@NFL) September 21, 2021

“I buried him with one hand … I don’t need the left anyway,” Mayfield said.

But just in case he did need that left arm, Mayfield underwent an MRI on Monday, which revealed no structural damage.

Fans appreciated Baker’s toughness and willingness to throw down blocks, even when he was injured. The Cleveland faithful were proud of Baker.

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