Make Your Workout Easier with These Fitness Hacks

These fitness hacks will help you incorporate more exercise into your day. These simple tips will help you stay fit without the need for a gym membership.

Flatscreen television against dark gray wall in living room

Get fit while watching TV
You can choose one exercise move and do three sets with twelve reps. This can be done during commercial breaks or while you are watching. This can be done with exercises like push-ups and squats as well as planks and lunges.

Phone with headphones attached with person getting ready to exercise

Listen while you work
Listen to an audiobook while you work out. It will help you forget about your workout and motivate you to return for more.

Stack of one dollar bills

Pay yourself
Every time you exercise, add a dollar to an envelope. To keep you motivated, you can reward yourself with new gear and clothes for your exercise routines or a new workout.

Woman doing yoga next to baby on living room floor

Break it up
Do you want to complete a 30-minute workout? Break it down into three sessions. Start your day with a ten minute yoga practice, then take a brisk, ten minute walk during lunch. Then, alternate muscle groups to do a ten minute weight lifting session either before or after dinner.

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