Jamal Adams comments on Seahawks’ penalty problems vs. Titans

The Seahawks were burned pretty bad by the new emphasis on “taunting” by NFL officials in today’s 33-30 loss to the Titans. D.J., cornerback was flagged for it. Reed was flagged after Ryan Tannehill’s huge pass incompletion towards A.J. Brown. This helped the Titans win their comeback victory over Seattle.

Safety Jamal Adams raised concerns about the flag after the game but acknowledged that the Seahawks cannot have as many penalties.

Jamal Adams says it’s not about the fans/extra juice for #Seahawks needless, after-play penalties, including one on him hitting Tannehill late.

But the D.J. Reed shaming foul? “C’mon man. You are taking emotion out of the game.”

Still says they can’t have those penalties pic.twitter.com/l8u5oZlEMm

— Gregg Bell (@gbellseattle) September 20, 2021

Adams also got hit with a huge penalty for roughing the passer on Tannehill in overtime. Seattle lost 100 yards on 10 flags total.

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