Invest in These Essentials for Your Kitchen

Whether you are a seasoned chef or just starting out, the right tools can make your cooking experience a lot easier. You can create the best product possible, just like any other craft. With the right tools, you will be amazed at how much time and effort can be saved.

Use the following list to improve your cooking skills. These items make great gifts for the holiday season, and are a bonus!



A good set of cookware is one the best investments you can make in your kitchen. These are the best tools to help you get started.

Cast-iron skillet

If you are afraid of the idea of using cast iron to cook, don’t be. Cast-iron skillets make great equipment. They can be heated to extremely high temperatures, which makes them perfect for searing meat, and they are far more durable than the average ceramic pan. The Field Company has a line of highly rated skillets (all produced in the United States) that range in price from $76-$215.

Dutch oven

Cooking with a crowd? The Dutch oven is versatile and can be used to make a variety of dishes from soups and stews to roasts. This Dutch oven is a great alternative for the electric slow cooker because it allows you to brown and slow-roast meats in one pot. Le Creuset Dutch ovens have been a favorite for decades; however, in 2021, Food & Wine gave the more affordable Lodge Enameled Dutch oven top marks.

Stainless-steel saucepots

Saucepots rank among the most used kitchen items. They can be used for boiling, melting, sauteing and many other purposes. There are many options for pots, but stainless steel is the best choice. It has the highest durability and heat distribution. Good Housekeeping rated the Anolon 12-piece stainless-steel cookware set the best option for beginners.



Proper cooking utensils is essential for safe food preparation and safety in the kitchen. These items are essential for anyone who is looking to save time and make high-quality meals.

Knife set

Although investing in ultra-sharp knives might sound like an accident waiting to happen for inexperienced cooks, sharper knives can actually help prevent accidents–dull knives make it harder to cut through tough veggies and meats, meaning the blade is more likely to slip. The knife set you choose should have a chef’s knife, a serrated knife, and a utility knife–like this top-rated set from Wusthof.

Wooden utensil set

Your grandmother would rather have a wooden spoon than a plastic one. Wood can wear over time, and it is more susceptible to food odors. However, it’s easier on pots and pans that metal and hard-plastic utensils. To tackle different tasks in the kitchen you will need several different types of utensils. However, it is a good idea to start with the basics: A slotted spoon and a flat spatula. This olive-wood set from Tramanto is a fan favorite on Amazon for its aesthetically pleasing look and its sturdiness.

Cutting boards

You should think about investing in cutting boards that are suited for different purposes. To prevent cross-contamination, you might have one cutting board that is used for cutting meats and one for cutting vegetables. Cutting boards are not only great for protecting your counters, but they also make it much easier to transfer cut foods onto baking sheets and pans. This inexpensive starter set even has small graphics to help you differentiate what each board is for.

air fryer


Now it’s time for some gadget fun after you have invested in quality cookware and utensils. There are many kitchen gadgets on the market, and more are coming onto the market every day. These kitchen devices are great for multiple purposes.

Stand mixer

If you’re looking for a kitchen gadget you’ll be able to pass down to your grandchildren, and possibly even to their children, then the KitchenAid mixer is for you. KitchenAid is a trusted brand for home chefs for more than 100 years. KitchenAid’s most popular product is the stand mixer, but it’s much more than a mixer. The company sells dozens of accessories and attachments, such as dough hooks, vegetable peelers, pasta makers, and meat grinders–essentially turning the mixer into any device you could ever need. You can customize the bowl and mixer to match your kitchen.

Food thermometer

It can be difficult to determine the temperature of food when it is being cooked, especially if it is meats. This is why it is so important to make sure it’s safe to consume. The best way to check the temperature of any food, from roast turkey to grilled pork ribs to fresh bread, is to use a food thermometer. This will ensure that no one ever eats undercooked food again. The New York Times gave this thermometer from ThermoWorks top ranks for its instant-read functionality.

Air fryer

The air fryer has been a household favorite for many years. The air fryer retains food crisp and flavor without the need to fry it. In fact, most models use roughly 95 percent less oil than deep fryers. The Instant Vortex–from the same company that makes the Instant Pot–is loved for its size (it can cook a four-pound chicken! It also offers a variety of customizable settings.

Whether you are a seasoned chef or just starting your culinary journey, these essentials will make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable.

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