If Texas leaders want to protect life, where are masks, vaccines, resources for kids?

Texas is ranked 46 out of 50 states for overall child well-being. Before you try to control my body, get your house in order.


Let’s take a look at American logic today.

Mask mandates for adults and students during a raging COVID-19 global pandemic? This is a serious violation of individual freedoms.

A safe and approved vaccination that scientists and medical professionals say can help eradicate said global pandemic? This is a personal decision that each person should make.

Access to a legal abortion in Texas after six weeks gestation? Nope.

My, how quickly the “mybody, my choice” crowd can drift. Is it okay to control my body? It is impossible to ignore the hypocrisy. It is both alarming and frustrating.

A bill signed into law in May that went into effect Wednesday offers a $10,000 or more bounty for suing a doctor, clinic staff or anyone who transports or helps to terminate a pregnancy at six weeks gestation or later. You can snitch on someone who decides, with a healthcare professional, what is best for her health and get rewarded.

The law makes no exceptions for pregnancies resulting from incest or rape. In a statement Wednesday, President Joe Biden said the legislation “blatantly violates” the constitutional right to abortion codified by Roe vs. Wade.

Is this real life?

The Supreme Court declined to block Wednesday’s law. This means that it will continue in force as it goes through the lengthy legal battles at lower courts. The 5-4 ruling, handed down one minute before midnight, all but offers a green light for other states that have for years tried to implement heavy-handed barriers to abortion to craft similar legislation.

“In effect, the Texas Legislature has deputized the State’s citizens as bounty hunters, offering them cash prizes for civilly prosecuting their neighbors’ medical procedures,” Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote in the dissent.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is wrongheaded about many things – COVID-19, environmental regulations that would address climate change, gun control, voting rights and even red meat. He’s proudly #ProLife and stated in a Wednesday tweet: “Texas will always defend the right to life. “

Except when it won’t.

According to the annual Annie E. Casey Foundation’s 2021 KIDS COUNT Data Book report, Texas is ranked 46 out of 50 states for overall child well-being. These statistics show the reality of children living in the state: those who are poor, those who are hungry, and those who have no access to education or health insurance.

Good job, Texas – four slots from the bottom. Get your house in order before you try to control a woman’s life.

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