‘I don’t have COVID’: Doctor says some COVID patients deny virus, decry vaccines from their deathbed


A Michigan doctor says some COVID-19 patients continue to deny their diagnosis or denounce vaccines from their deathbeds.

Matthew Trunsky, a pulmonologist and director of the palliative care unit at a Beaumont Health hospital in southeastern Michigan, has gained national attention after recounting what some patents gravelly ill with coronavirus have told him.

“You’re wrong doctor. I don’t have COVID” and “I’d rather die than take the vaccine” were among the eight examples he shared in a Facebook post earlier in September.

Trunsky told The Washington Post medical staff have at times been berated by patients and their family members. He said over 100 of his patients have died from the coronavirus and 9 out of 10 COVID patients are unvaccinated.

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As of Saturday, about 55.2% of Americans are fully vaccinated. Over 672,000 have died due to COVID-19 related complications, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The CDC released a study in September that found unvaccinated people who get COVID are 10 times more likely to be hospitalized and 11 times more likely to die.

Despite his frustrations, Trunsky said he remains dedicated to giving all his patients, unvaccinated or not, the same level of care.

“We took the oath, we take all comers. That’s why most people went into medicine, I believe — to care for patients. And it doesn’t really matter who they are and what decisions they make,” Trunsky told Bridge Michigan.

Dr. Kristin Jacob, the director of the Wellness Program at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, said that doctors can feel frustrated when patients don’t take advantage of a vaccine that could end the pandemic. “

“There’s a natural inclination to feel defensive and really continue to worsen that compassion fatigue. It’s difficult to talk about. Bridge was told by Jacob that no one wants to acknowledge it.

In his plea for more people to get vaccinated, Trunsky shared that his experience with eight patients. According to Trunsky, six of the eight patients died and the remaining two are in critical condition.

“Numbers are on the rise. Trunsky stated in his post that vaccines are needed.

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