How to Throw a Halloween Party on a Budget

Halloween is a scary time of the year. But it can also be terrifying when you consider the expense of hosting a Halloween party for your friends and family. These budget-friendly party ideas can help you cut down on the cost of hosting a Halloween bash.

Decorate your home’s exterior

Start the party by decorating your home with Halloween decorations. You don’t have to spend a lot on extravagant decor. Instead, try these low-cost alternatives:

  • Stretch cotton batting over trees and shrubs to create a cobweb effect, and place plastic spiders throughout the web.
  • Decorate a tomato cage with a Styrofoam ball, string lights, and a sheet for a light-up porch ghost.
  • Incorporate pine cones and colorful leaves into a natural twig wreath.
  • Place gauze fabric on a balloon and tie it with a string to make a floating ghost.
  • Use these pumpkin carving tips and templates to have the best-looking jack-o’-lanterns on your block.

Set the mood

Changing up your lighting in your home is a great way to create a Halloween atmosphere. You can dim your lights, place electric candles, or drape fabric over lampshades. To transform your rooms from boring to creepy, you can replace your standard light bulbs by colored bulbs.

Don’t forget to choose appropriate Halloween music. There are many Halloween playlists that you can download online. This will keep your guests entertained all night. If you’re more of a movie buff, pick some of these Halloween favorites and play them in the background of your party.

Have a costume contest

Ask your guests to dress up for a costume contest. You can give a prize like a gift card to a coffee shop or Halloween candy. Then, have your guests vote on their favorite costume and present the prize to the winner.

Make Halloween-themed food

Sometimes, the best party food is not as good as its host. Try the food instead of ordering. There are many other delicious options for Halloween, and candy is not the only thing that’s popular. These Halloween-themed recipes are also frighteningly good:

Make your Halloween party a Potluck to save time and cut down on food preparation. To make your food go further, ask your guests to bring a side dish, beverage, or dessert. This will allow you to save time and cut down on the preparation time.

Plan a feel box

This classic game of the senses asks party guests to place their hands inside covered boxes containing everyday items that look like creepy crawlers and Halloween horrors. The game is won by the person who makes the best guesses. To scare your guests, add these items to your feeling boxes:

  • Cold cooked spaghetti: worms
  • Rubber gloves filled with flour: hand
  • Grape stems: spider legs
  • Peeled grapes: eyeballs
  • Baby Carrots: toes
  • Yarn – monster hair

These ideas will ensure that your Halloween party is budget-friendly but still spooktacular!

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