HBO Max to begin European rollout this fall

Streaming service HBO Max will launch in late October in six European countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Spain and Andorra.

WarnerMedia announced the European debut Wednesday, but the company did not disclose pricing details for international customers. In the U.S., the advertising-free version of HBO Max sells for $14. 99 a month.

The Nordic and Spanish rollouts are scheduled for October. 26.

This move is AT&T’s latest effort to make HBO Max a global media brand. However, the company has been playing catch up to streaming giants Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+.

WarnerMedia stated that it will expand distribution to Central Europe next year, which includes Croatia, Hungary, Poland and Portugal.

The HBO Max streaming service has film franchises including Harry Potter , “Wonder Woman and The Big Bang Theory “ The Sopranos The Flight Attendant

HBO Max’s European rollout will be complicated by a long-term alliance between HBO and Sky. Sky has held exclusive rights to HBO shows for more than a decade in all countries it operates. This includes Great Britain, Ireland and Germany as well as Austria, Germany, Austria, Italy, Austria, and Germany. Two years ago, WarnerMedia renewed that arrangement with Sky, which is owned by Philadelphia cable giant Comcast.

Sky will continue offering HBO in its markets for a couple more years.

AT&T said in July that its various HBO brands, including HBO Max, had reached about 20 million international customers in addition to 47 million domestic subscribers. Many are HBO holdovers as the premium channel had started its international push long before AT&T swallowed the media company in 2018.

Although WarnerMedia’s ownership is in flux, the New York-based media giant is following through on Chief Executive Jason Kilar’s ambitious international launch schedule.

In June WarnerMedia announced that it had launched the streaming service in over three dozen Latin American and Caribbean nations.

AT&T this spring announced a $43-billion sale of WarnerMedia, which includes HBO, CNN, Cartoon Network and the historic Warner Bros. television and movie studio in Burbank to the smaller programming company, Discovery. The deal is subject to regulatory approvals and should close by next year.

The HBO Max streaming service, AT&T’s big bet in streaming, launched in the U.S. in May 2020.

In Europe the company will try to convert HBO Max subscribers to HBO Espana or HBO Nordic.

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