i dumped medikal sister derby finally speaks - I dumped Medikal -Sister Derby finally speaks

I dumped Medikal -Sister Derby finally speaks

SISTER DERBY MEDIKAL - I dumped Medikal -Sister Derby finally speaks

Ghanaian musician and television presenter, Deborah Owusu Bonsu popularly known as Sister Derby has finally disclosed in an interview how her relationship with rapper Medikal ended.

According to Sister Derby also known as ‘The African Mermaid’ she broke up with Medikal after she heard rumours about him cheating on her.

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sis debbie - I dumped Medikal -Sister Derby finally speaks
Sister Derby

“There were rumours of cheating and when I found out I just left. I know people think otherwise but I left.

I don’t see why I should fight for someone who is proving to be otherwise, there is no point. I saw the break up coming so I left”, she disclosed.

Medikal 696x464 - I dumped Medikal -Sister Derby finally speaks

Watch the video below; You can fast forward/skip to the 19th min to watch where she started talking about her relationship with Ex Medikal

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Sister Derby also stated that she wrote her hit song ‘Kakalika Love’ in 2018 before she broke up with Medikal.

According to her, the song was not a ‘diss’ song as believed by Ghanaians but a way of telling her fans that she was no more in a relationship with Medikal.

“People assume and say it is a diss song, but as an artist, at the beginning of our relationship, I made my fans and the world know that I am dating this person.

As the break up happened its a way to also tell my fans this is the story. I can’t be a coward or hypocrite and stay silent about it. That is a way of telling my story, and there were no insults in it”, Sister Derby added.

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