i am not a fraudster kofi mole 1024x569 - I am not a fraudster- Kofi Mole

I am not a fraudster- Kofi Mole

Kofi Mole - I am not a fraudster- Kofi Mole

New rapper on the block, Kofi Mole, has deflated claims by a twitter user that he’s an internet fraudster.

The Twitter user claimed that the rapper was only using music as a coverup as he was a fraud boy. This comes after the ‘Don’t Be Late’ hitmaker tweeted earlier that people think rappers play street hustlers just to attract sympathies.

Kofi Mole 2 - I am not a fraudster- Kofi Mole
Kofi Mole

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He wrote;

”most people think that the rappers of this generation just love to rap about hustle in order to attract sympathy. Nahh, this is our life. Ain’t nobody faking out here. Yabr3 ruff! ”


A twitter user commented on his post;

”Frauding no b hustling…..Selling Water and pampers in traffic is hustling,’’

In response to the comment, Kofi Mole said;

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“Who’s frauding my guy? Lol *because Kofi Mole looks fly, because Kofi Mole wears expensive clothes, because Kofi Mole has dreadlocks and because Kofi Mole is living the life you wish to live you tag my hustle “fraud” … Ask about me at Kantamanto market. Ask about me at Tiptoe lane,” Mole reacted.


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