guru speaks about juju in the ghana music industry - Guru speaks about ‘juju’ in the Ghana Music Industry

Guru speaks about ‘juju’ in the Ghana Music Industry

GURU RAY CHARM - Guru speaks about ‘juju’ in the Ghana Music Industry

Ghanaian rapper and hiplife musician, Maradona Yeboah Adjei popularly known as Guru has finally given full details on his relationship with his former manager and how he was charmed.

According to the ‘Lapaz Toyota’ hitmaker, he had people around him who didn’t wish him well and tried to end his career but he was able to overcome it.

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guru nkz - Guru speaks about ‘juju’ in the Ghana Music Industry

“To the fact that the story that came out we didn’t dissolve on a mutual grounds, is not the way it is.

What you see out there is not the main subject, we’ve been together from the time the news came out and there you see people who want to see you grow and those that want to see you destroyed. 

I have had personal experiences and come to the realisation that not everyone you come into contact with wishes you well.

I come from a home which is really spiritual and so no one can really do anything to me. Yes, it happened, people tried to use charm on me but it doesn’t mean that it was Ray Moni.

We are human beings, we shouldn’t tag him because he was the official person you were working with so it was him.

I want people to understand that we are family, we had our challenges and had times that things weren’t going the way we want but we had to go through that to learn”, Guru disclosed.

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Watch video below;

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Guru also stated that music is not only about the song but comes along with packaging, versatility, change of brand and positioning.

He also disclosed that every year, he comes up with a concert with the aim of changing something about the ‘Guru’ brand.

“I keep changing something about me every year but is it the same brand. People should accept the fact that Guru will like to change something about him every year.

I use to have a punk hairstyle but now I pierced my nose, I keep changing. We change because we want to bring something new to the brand”, he noted.

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