Eli Manning had a perfect reaction to an Eagles fan flipping the double birds to a camera

In Week 3 of this NFL season, during Eli Manning Monday Night Manningcasts, it was the ex-QB for the New York Giants who grabbed the headlines because of his opinion on the Philadelphia Eagles fans.

“You’re going to Philly, and you’re getting double birds right away form a nine-year-old child,” Manning stated, while showing an illustration of double birds. “And then they’re saying something about my mom and Peyton .”

Eli later apologised — although should he? — for the fingers shown on live TV. But 12 weeks later, FOX cameras caught an Eagles fan … doing the double birds on live TV.

Manning’s Twitter response? Perfect (WARNING – Middle fingers! ):

Typical Eagles Fan pic.twitter.com/v8b9XqmX3a

— Alec Rollin (@alecrolllin) December 22, 2021

I told you so! https://t.co/kJsjOu3tK9

— Eli Manning (@EliManning) December 22, 2021

LOL. Perfect.

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