DWCS winner Josh Quinlan won’t let quick finish get to his head: ‘I want to continue upping my level’

LASVEGAS – Josh Quinlan won’t be riding the high of his big finish at Dana White’s Contender Series 38 too long.

Quinlan (6/6) dispatched Logan Urban in just 47 second during the featured bout on Tuesday. He was awarded a UFC contract because of his outstanding performance.

The humble Hawaiian has won all six of his pro victories but is now taking it one step at a while and focusing on becoming a better fighter.

” I’m not going let this get to me,” Quinlan stated at the post-fight press conference. “I’m already sort of slowing down and I want to continue training. I know that I can improve from this. It’s performance. I want to keep upping my level and taking on the next challenge .”


He said, “I would like to continue to show the great technique that I’ve learnt and that’s been passed on to me, keep upping my level. It could be avoiding too much damage from fights, maneuvering well, or picking apart my opponent. Each opponent presents a unique challenge, so it’s another puzzle I have to solve.

To see Quinlan’s complete interview, click the video above.

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