Dana White to Jake Paul: ‘Go fight somebody your own size,’ stop asking for Jorge Masvidal

UFC president Dana White doesn’t care in Jake Paul ‘s recent proposal to face Jorge Masvidal ..

With White constantly mocking Paul’s choice in opposition, YouTube star offered to fight Masvidal , to exploit the “lackof boxing ability” of prime UFC fighters. However, Dana White, president of UFC, said that she is not interested in Jake Paul‘s recent proposal to fight Jorge Masvidal.

” Masvidal is 170 heavyweight,” White said to ” The Daily Telegraph “He likes weighters. You can fight someone of your size. Anderson Silva isn’t under contract. He’s 46 old. That’s the age range you want to fight. He’s also your size and has won fights. Jake Paul’s past history shows that Jake Paul fights either basketball players who haven’t fought in years or older men who haven’t fought for years. Anderson Silva is actually a boxer, has won a few fights and is 46 old. He’s also in your weight class. It’s easy to see that Anderson Silva

is a good choice. Even if Masvidal wanted it, there would be hurdles as he’d need White’s approval. He’s currently under contract with UFC. White believes Paul should face Silva.

“You’re not gonna fight 170-pound Jorge Masvidal who’s ranked top 10 in the world,” White said. White stated, “No. “No. F*cking fight someone of your size. He just fought Tyron woodley. Tyron Woodley is 40 years old, hasn’t won a fight in three years, hasn’t knocked somebody out in his weight class in five years. Jake Paul wanted to fight that guy, but he couldn’t even get out of the fight.

He barely won that fight. Now you want to fight a guy who’s ranked in the top 10, that weighs 170 pounds, is still relevant in the fighting world when you have Anderson who’s not under contract with anybody and has just won two boxing matches. Here you are. You are welcome. I just made your next bout for you, but I doubt you see that one happening. Want to bet

Paul, after hearing White’s comments, responded on Twitter.

” Dana said this morning that he would destroy “170” Masvidal.” He tweeted , with a screenshot from a headline in which Derek Brunson stated he’d “tune up” with Paul. “So Dana, will you grant Brunson permission for some real money?” Dana ?”

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