Dak Prescott’s shocked face became a meme after refs rule his QB sneak short of a touchdown

Dak Prescott, congratulations on becoming the latest meme of the NFL world!

Late in the first quarter of Monday Night Football, the Dallas Cowboys were knocking on the door at the goal line against the Philadelphia Eagles. Looking to untie a 7-7 score, Prescott took the ball himself on a quarterback sneak that was not called a touchdown on the field.

Upon review, it seemed like the angles provided and shown to the crowd in Dallas would reverse the decision and give the Cowboys the 14-7 lead. Instead, the officials confirmed the original call and the Eagles regained possession off the turnover on downs.

Here’s how the play went down in real time, alongside an aerial shot of the moment it seemed Prescott broke the plane.

Dak is stopped short of the goal line. @Eagles take over on downs.

📺: #PHIvsDAL on ESPN

📱: https://t.co/sXVKWk2eYl pic.twitter.com/s2mNqexToF

— NFL (@NFL) September 28, 2021

Surely this is a TD pic.twitter.com/UgQAUrxPcL

— Tom Downey (@WhatGoingDowney) September 28, 2021

When the play stood, however, Prescott made the most incredible meme-worthy face we’ve seen in some time in sports.

This Dak Prescott sneak was reviewed and ruled not a TD. pic.twitter.com/OiEi4ihw8V

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) September 28, 2021

As expected, sports fans saw Prescott’s shocked face and immediately ran to make memes of his shocked expression.

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