Take control of your family’s life with this DIY command centre! It can be hard to keep up with family schedules and grocery lists.


  1. Cut plywood to the size you prefer (the exact dimensions will vary depending on the size of your command center). To give the board some visual interest, paint it. You can go simple with a plain color or bold with a repeating design.
  2. Download a calendar, daily menu, cleaning checklist, and reminder printouts and fill out the frames. Attach superglue magnets to the backs of your frames.
  3. To assemble the birthday block you will need to paint the plaque in a coordinate color with the background of your command center. Then attach the drawer knob with superglue. Label the tags with the month names and the dates for each month. Attach magnets to the plaque’s back and hang tags on the knob.
  4. To assemble the mail box, cut a cereal container to your desired size and shape. Use modpodge to attach scrapbook paper to both the cardboard and the inside. Next, attach superglue magnets at the back.
  5. Arrange frames, birthday blocks, and mail bins on the command center. Add hooks, clips and decorative elements until satisfied with your design layout. You can mark the locations of the magnets and attach them to the board using superglue. After drying, attach each item or frame to its permanent spot.
  6. Attach the frame mount hooks at the back of your command center board and hang it on the wall. Dry erase markers can be used to mark tasks and notes on your framed printables.

Printable Command Center Templates