Conjuring a Home
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Interview with Aditya Khannani

When it comes to assessing your quality of living, the home you call home is an important factor. Conjure, a New York-based furniture renting company, recognizes the power in furnishing your home with pieces that reflect and resonate with your personality. Aditya Khilnani, cofounder and COO of Conjure, discusses the company’s philosophy and the magic that lies in impermanence.

What was the impetus for starting this innovative company?
Daniel Ramirez [Cofounder] and I were constantly frustrated by the inability to find affordable and stylish furniture while living in apartments. It was difficult to find a second home and see the furniture end up on the streets of New York. We believed that there needed to be a better solution for a generation that is constantly moving.

Who is your primary customer base?
New Yorkers aged between 20 and 30 are often on the move, seeking to improve their homes. We aim to meet their needs by offering affordable and flexible furniture rentals.

Would you talk about some of the highs and lows of building a company?
It’s a great question. It has been mostly positive. We have seen the team grow and become a company, worked with talented designers to create collections and received strong customer feedback about our products and services. There were times when there was stress, especially in the beginning stages of the company, when furniture was hand delivered to homes.

How does the rental process work?
Our team will deliver and assemble the furniture in your apartment within 4-7 business days after you have selected your furniture and signed a lease online. The customer has several options at the end of the lease. They can choose to renew, buy, swap, return or exchange the furniture. Flexible leases can be purchased for as low as sixty-nine dollars per monthly and last from three to twelve months.

Do you believe a home is a reflection of who you are?
Your home is a reflection of your personality. Your personal style is often the best way to show off your home, while collectibles can be a collection of memories from various adventures. Conjure makes it easy for customers, offering a wide range of collections that include classic midcentury pieces to Hollywood Regency luxury pieces. They also offer plenty of space to personalize their collection with finishing touches that tell their story.

Conjure was also the first to introduce the Bazaar. This is a marketplace that features limited-edition accessories and collectibles created by local designers. The Bazaar is a place of inspiration that helps customers decorate their homes with beautiful collectibles like wallpaper, coffee table books and art.

Do you select pieces for your customers?
Conjure has a wide range of furniture for home, including pieces that can be used in your living, bedroom, dining, and office. Customers have the option to choose individual pieces or create their own collection. Or, they can opt for pre-curated bundles. We teamed up with Adam Charlap Hyman (a New York-based interior designer) to create four collections that were inspired by different neighborhoods, including the East Village and West Villages, Tribeca, Tribeca, Soho, and Tribeca. These pre-arranged sets can be used to assist customers with interior design.

Is New York the primary source of inspiration for the various collections?
Conjure’s fundamental vision was to make beautiful design more accessible. We strive to strike a balance between avant-garde and classic design, while still retaining the accessibility of our pieces. This is just like the diversity of cultures that makes up the city. The diversity in architecture and spirit within Manhattan’s neighborhoods is remarkable. This was the foundation of our collections.

The beauty of renting is that it’s temporary. We believe that furniture should change with your style. Flexible ownership allows you to swap pieces, packages and transfer credit from one rental piece to the next. This lowers the risk of trying out a velvet love chair.

Does this also help to eliminate waste?
Yes, our sourced products have high quality constructions and are built to last. Other initiatives are also implemented to reduce waste. This helps to reduce the 9.8 million tonnes of furniture that end up in landfills each year. Conjure provides furniture that is clean and in good condition. To find a place for furniture that has been rented, we also create donation partnerships. The company recently donated hundreds of furniture pieces to Habitat for Humanity. This is one of our main donors. The Parsons School of Design has been a partner in our ongoing review of our supply chain. This allows us to develop a method to rank and track sustainable efforts throughout the organization.

Are there plans to expand outside of New York?
Conjure was founded with renters in the mind, especially in New York City, where there are many of them. Conjure can deliver to all five boroughs as well as nearby New Jersey towns, thanks to its investment in operations capabilities. We plan to expand our delivery to other busy cities, where renters require stylish and affordable furniture, with this new round of funding.

Do you have some general interior design tips?
You can mix and match! You should have fun with design. Design is an ongoing process. You will be able to take more risks in your home and learn more about your style. These are my favorites:

Good lighting can make a big difference, especially in winter. Yellow lights are warmer and cozier than white lights.
Add a personal touch to your home by adding plants, flowers, books and candles.
Wallpaper can transform your home and create separate rooms.
Keep a lot of your favourite photos that will remind you of wonderful memories with family and friends.

What do you see for the future of the design and furniture market?
As more people spend time at home, and allocate their disposable income towards furniture, the market for home furnishings has experienced strong growth. This trend is expected to continue. Consumers will demand higher-quality pieces at lower prices. They will also be able to enjoy them without having to worry about ownership.

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