COLLEGE FOOTBALL WATCH GRID, Week 7: Uh-oh, the season’s halfway done!

The Watch Grid divides your Saturday into three watchability categories. As always, watchability does not only refer to game quality, team performance, or any other quality. These things are important, however, I suppose.

After one the most wild Saturdays in a while , This weekend promises to be more of a relaxed good time. Bye weeks are afoot, including breaks for seven ranked teams and three top-10 teams. There is no boring Saturday in college football.

Congratulations to Louisiana on their win on Tuesday night. Now we are in the part of the season where things happen before Thursdays.

The most exciting potential excitement would be Clemson playing against Syracuse, a team that is 5-1 against the spread. Navy may be quietly becoming dangerous, too. Like a submarine.

This is UConn’s last good chance all season to win their first game since October 2019 (they wisely took 2020 off). Yale isn’t an elite FCS team but you can lose against Holy Cross (as UConn did).

But something even sicker is taking place in the Pac-12. Arizona is the only power-conference team that can legitimately claim to be the worst in FBS. They have a winless record and lost to 2-3 FCS Northern Arizona. The Mountain West’s San Diego State was beaten by them. 117 ranking in the computer composite, as well as a UConn-like lack of wins since October 2019. Only “powers” that can compete with this resume include Kansas (which won a game), Vanderbilt (2 wins, one UConn), Cal (1 win) and… Colorado (which almost beat the team that beat Alabama).

Your sickos game of the week is Arizona at Colorado. Jedd Fisch’s Wildcats could win something extraordinary if Arizona loses. It’s simply hard to go winless as a power-conference team, let alone to do it through two full seasons’ worth of games across three years. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, because an Arizona win would sully Colorado enough to mean 16 percent of the Pac-12 resides in the bottom, say, 16 percent of FBS. [Tries to get THE ALLIANCE chant going.]

Here are the advanced stats provided by @statsowar for the Sickos Game of The Week for Week 7 between Arizona and Colorado.

— Sickos Committee (@SickosCommittee) October 12, 2021

All the top teams project to win pretty comfortably. I cannot declare Kentucky-Georgia super important until UK scores multiple touchdowns against them. Although both teams share the same idea of running the ball and playing defense it’s almost like saying Squirtle or Gigantamax Blastoise both shoot water.

There is a possibility that Michigan State-Indiana might start to lower the Big Ten’s record, which have been partially inflated by the East’s top teams not playing each other yet.

And Florida LSU could seal Ed Orgeron’s Tigers’ win total of under, with four more possible losses. In order to save Coach O’s job, he needs a huge upset win very soon.

But I guess it’s probably Oklahoma State-Texas, which could either establish an iffy OSU as a legit unbeaten contender for the Big 12 title or keep Texas bobbing around the rankings indefinitely, as usual.

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