Celtics Brad Stevens talks possible Isaiah Thomas return

The Boston Celtics are enjoying a winning streak, having won each of their last three games, two of which were against the Indiana Pacers. This is the exact type of form the team needs ahead of its next two games, against the Philadelphia 76ers and the Chicago Bulls. This could be the motivation they need to trade Dennis Schroder’s guard for more pieces.

President of basketball operations Brad Stevens went on 98.5 with Toucher and Rich Thursday to talk about player acquisitions and the possibility of the return of Isaiah Thomas, the Celtic legend.

Thomas was dealt to the team for guard Kyrie, who now plays part time for the Brooklyn Nets .

Thomas has played on two 10-day deals with the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks this season, each hardship deals during the league’s difficult period with COVID-19. Stevens was asked whether he would be willing to drive Thomas back.

I’m a huge Isaiah fan, always have been,” Stevens explained. I’m a big fan of his. The roster situation right now has been so complicated that we have to make it through the next month to find out where it ends up and how we look. Then we’ll make other decisions whether we have spots or adds or whatever the case may be.”

Stevens stated that the hardship agreements they signed were made during Thomas’s deals with other teams. In this sense, a deal was not always possible.

Stevens agrees that Bostonians would benefit from his passion and character.

“There’s a lot of factors with regard to the roster. And specifically, each team and each team’s situation contractually, and flexibility-wise, etc, that go into all have these decisions,” Stevens stated. “But every team benefits from that kind of energy and that kind of leadership and people that can play multiple roles and those types of things.”

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