Cade Cunningham packed on over 10 pounds of muscle during summer

Dwane Casy, a former coach in the NBA, often stressed the importance of new players spending their offseason learning and improving to be ready for the next season.

No. Cade Cunningham was the overall pick.

Casey revealed that Cunningham packed on about 12 pounds of muscle since joining the Pistons, jumping up from 206 to 218 pounds. Casey singled him out as one of the youngest players on Tuesday.

Our guys have been working all summer long, going back and forth from their home to wherever they are. It has been a great summer. We send coaches to accompany them in their home town. Luka (Garza), one of the young men who joined us, is in good shape and has managed to keep his weight down. Cade has gone 206 from 218. He is now committed to working out and the weight room. It’s all about work if you want to be a Detroit Piston.

Cunningham spent much of his offseason training and getting acquainted with his new teammates. He seems to be doing well. The work put in by the 20-year-old looks to be paying off in just two months with the organization.

The Pistons will be preaching patience with Cunningham this season. While they know that there will be ups, downs, they stress the importance of learning the right way. His early weight gains in the weightroom are a clear indication that he is on the right track to success in the Motor City.

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