Browns add big receiver to practice squad

The Cleveland Browns are now 3-1, but they still have a lot to do before becoming the team they desire to be. The defense was a major concern during the first two weeks, while questions have been raised about Baker Mayfield’s offense in the final two games.

General Manager Andrew Berry isn’t giving up on his quest for the perfect roster. He has made constant changes to the practice team. we reported last week that five Browns players were drafted, including four receivers ..

Riley Ridley was the most well-known of the four receivers. However, the team signed Lawrence Cager after their victory in Week 4. We noticed that Cager was in two games last year for the New York Jets, receiving two passes for 35 yardage.

As noted by the team ,, Cager is 6’5′ tall and is 220 weighed in. This gives the Browns a new style of receiver.

While it is unlikely that Cager makes an impact for Cleveland (barring injuries at the receiver position), he gives the Browns’ defenders a larger receiver to work against during practice. If Cager can pull it off and make it onto the roster, that’s great.

Cager was a college student for five years. The first four were at Miami (Fla.), and the last in 2019,, Georgia.

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