Alexander Volkanovski: Max Holloway might not be keen on trilogy because of legacy

UFC champion Alexander Volkanovski is confused by Max Holloway he’s not pushing for a three-fight against him.

Since losing to Volkanovski (23-1 MMA, 10-0 UFC) for a second consecutive time in July 2020, Holloway has battered Calvin Kattar and Yair Rodriguez in record-shattering performances, solidifying his No. 1 contender spot.

But beating Rodriguez at UFC Fight Night 197, Holloway (23-6MMA, 19-6 UFC), he didn’t campaign to fight in a trio with the champion. Volkanovski was mentioned as an option, but he also expressed interest in rematches against Conor McGregor or UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira. This has left Volkanovski somewhat confused.


“Max?” Volkanovski stated on his YouTube channel .. “Leading into the fight, the winner would get the title shot, regardless of whether it was Max oder Yair. UFC stated that to us. We waited for it. It was clear that Max heard it from the UFC. The UFC gave the green light on the trilogy. I’m sure Max Holloway is the only one talking about other options.

To Volkanovski there was a reason Holloway didn’t lobby to fight him. Volkanovski believes Holloway would lose to him if he lost to him a third-time.

“This might rattle a few feathers but I’m going to leave you with this: Is he scared? Volkanovski suggested that it might be possible. “But I want to be heard. This is huge for Max. I lose to you again in the featherweight division. In your prime, we talk about legacy. Your name isn’t in the GOAT conversation any more.

“It is in GOAT discussions now, even though he is 0-2 against us. His name is still being mentioned in the GOAT discussion. We will not be surprised if he loses again. Your featherweight division legacy is tarnished. Let’s face it, you were 0-3 when you were your prime. That doesn’t look good. Perhaps that’s the truth. He might want more options and money fights. That way he can still have his legacy talks and get some money fights. However, if he loses it will ruin his legacy .”

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