A Safe Home for the Holidays

It can be difficult to prioritize safety in your home. Make sure you take the necessary precautions to ensure that you have a great time with your loved ones.

If you are planning to host guests or stay home this holiday season, these tips can help you make sure you have a checklist of safety items that you have checked twice.


Cooking, baking and other culinary activities are an integral part of holiday celebrations. However, food preparation can pose multiple safety risks. These safety precautions should be taken before you start to stir-fry, bake, and fry your favorite recipes.

Replace batteries

It should be obvious that you must keep your smoke detectors working year round. It is especially important that you replace your batteries before holiday cooking. Holidays are a time when many people attempt complicated, unfamiliar recipes. It only takes a few seconds for the flames to ignite in your kitchen as you go to the bathroom or turn your head to cook something else.

Clean your appliances

Refresh your appliances’ interiors and exteriors with elbow grease to prevent fire hazards from grease or crumbs. Before you use any cleaner, make sure it is safe for your appliances. Avoid hot areas because some common cleaners can be dangerous when heated. Make a homemade cleaner. For your safety and your wallet’s good, use 3-1 water and white vinegar.

Monitor your food

Food safety is not a vacation! You should always check the ingredients of new food or recipes to ensure that you are aware of any allergens your family members or guests may have an allergic reaction. To ensure that you are able to prepare your meals properly, it is a good idea to purchase a meat thermometer. To ensure that leftovers don’t spoil, make sure you immediately put them in the freezer or fridge after you finish cooking.


Many people like to decorate their homes with lights, trees, and candles in order to bring the holiday spirit home. However, they can pose safety risks if not properly maintained. To keep your decorations beautiful and not dangerous, take a few extra steps.

Contain candles

Candles bring joy. They are an ornamental staple for the holidays. This time of year, there are twice as many candle-lighting calls than normal. This can be avoided by using sturdy holders and clear surfaces. Also, never leave candles burning in your bedroom or elsewhere. Flameless candles are a better option if you prefer the ambience of candles to their smell.

Tend to your tree

A Christmas tree is a focal point of decor you enjoy decorating with loved ones. You can make sure your tree looks great without ruining your holiday. Keep your tree well-watered. A well-watered tree will be less likely to catch on fire. You can also prevent it from burning by placing it far away from heat sources and unplugging lights while you are sleeping, or outside the house. Don’t overload your tree with ornaments and lights.

Manage plugs

Do NOT try to stuff all your plugs in one outlet. To plan your decorations, consider where you will need extensions cords. Make sure your decorations and lights are the right wattage to plug into your outlets. To avoid trips and burned outlets, it’s better to keep your decor low-wattage. It is best to avoid the messy look and safety hazards of crowded outlets by using pieces that have rechargeable batteries whenever possible.


Winter is prone to unexpected weather, which can disrupt plans and make roads unsafe. Holiday plans can also be affected by this unpredictable weather. You should ensure that your household and home are ready for any weather emergencies.

Control heat

Have your chimney cleaned and inspected before you roast chestnuts in an open fire place. If you don’t have a fireplace, but plan to use space heaters to heat your chestnuts, make sure they are away from any flammable items. To evenly distribute heat, they should be kept away from any surfaces.

Stock up

Stocking up on the necessary supplies is the best way to be prepared for extreme weather or a snowstorm. You can stock up on supplies such as salt, shovels and a generator to ensure that your holiday guests don’t get lost or left behind.

Check your seals

Take the time to inspect the seals on the windows and doors of your home. To save time and money, you could fix the seal yourself. Hire a professional to inspect and repair cracks. Also, invest in draft stoppers to ensure that your heating bills don’t ruin the holiday spirit.

Have a happy and safe holiday season with these safety tips for your home.

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