A Proper Holiday Table Setting

Hosting a holiday party can be difficult. Who has the time to ensure that the table looks perfect?

The good news is that setting up your table the proper way doesn’t have to be difficult. These tips will help you impress your guests this season.


All forks should be placed on the left, with the one that you are using the most on the inside. The spoon and knife should be placed to the right side of the dishes.


The water glass and wine glasses should be placed on the right side of the plate in the order they will be used. It would be the farthest from the champagne glass if it was set out.


This European-style decoration dish can be used as a centerpiece between formal and informal events, but it is not meant to be eaten.

Entree plate

This is the place where the main course should go. It should be placed on top the charger.


There are many ways to fold napkins, but you should place them on the plate and not under the silverware.

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