7 Home Staging Tips for Virtual Tours

In order to comply with COVID-19-related stay-at-home orders and to minimize contact, many real estate agents and homeowners are finding themselves hosting virtual tours. Virtual tours allow you to share your home with buyers agents and potential buyers in your area, whether it’s a virtual tour of your home, a Facebook Live virtual open-house, or a FaceTime stream.

How do you make your home look great for a virtual tour of it? Many of the things you have been doing are still applicable. Before filming begins, there are some things you should keep in mind. These tips will ensure your home is at its best and buyers receive all the information they need from your tour.

brown front door with white siding and black iron gate

Start at the front door.

A virtual tour should feel just like a personal tour of your home, starting at the front door. You may find that you often enter your home through a garage or side door. Take a moment to go through the front door. This is your chance for a first impression.

Clean your front door and light fixtures. Make sure that everything is looking its best. Consider putting a pot of flowers or a plant if you have been gardening in quarantine.

Take decluttering seriously.

Your agent might have talked to you about clearing out your home. But this becomes more crucial when it comes to getting your space ready for the camera. Everything tends to appear a lot more chaotic and less organized when viewed through a live stream.

A better home will reflect your style and focus on orderliness and clutter. This is particularly important for bathrooms and kitchens, where countertops should not be cluttered. This is a great opportunity to get rid of books and other knickknacks in the house. It will give you a cleaner, more minimalist look on your screen.

Show hidden spaces.

While you may not enjoy thinking about all the places people look while on a home tour they do want to see everything when they buy a house. It doesn’t matter if you are looking in closets or inside cabinets. To help others make an informed decision about your home, they will need to be allowed to look into the spaces.

Clear out any cobwebs from your crawl space. Also, clean out your medicine cabinet so your virtual visitors can view it. For buyers to inspect, arrange the kitchen and bathroom cabinets in a way that allows them to see how much space they have.

backyard garden with green and pink flowers

Don’t forget the view.

People love to see the view from their kitchen windows or in the owner’s bedroom on a home tour. You can give them the same chance on a virtual tour. Make sure your window coverings are clean before you move them. You could also open them wide to allow your agent to get great shots. Make sure to clean the frames and windows as well, so the view is perfect.

Highlight outdoor spaces.

Outdoor spaces are an important selling point wherever you live. You want your outdoor spaces to look great, no matter if they have a fenced yard that is perfect for pets and kids or an elegant outdoor dining area and summer kitchen.

Clear away any debris and clean up all furniture before you start your virtual tour. Ask your agent to film on a day that is especially beautiful from your terrace or deck, or to showcase your stunning sunset view.

white kitchen with island and wooden stools

Emphasize your home’s best features.

What made you fall in love? A sweeping staircase? A fabulous gourmet kitchen? A charming sunroom? Which space or feature does your visitor often compliment? What is your agent saying is most in-demand for this year? Identify the best feature of your home and highlight it in your tour.

This is a great way to showcase your home in its best light and spend more time on selling the elements. Make sure to turn off all overhead lights and lamps even during the day. This will allow viewers to see the space clearly without any shadows or shading.

Keep security in mind.

While you want to share your space, it is important to be careful about your safety and personal property. Cover any safes in your closet before you film the space. You shouldn’t leave jewelry on your bedside table or on your dresser. Avoid showing valuable computer equipment, gun safes or any other items that could be tempting. This is particularly important if you plan to host your virtual home tour online.

Home security is particularly important for the popular 360deg virtual tours that often accompany listings. The 3D cameras can capture all aspects of your home and advertise any security system setups or exits to prying eyes.

Virtual tours are an invaluable way to keep you and your home safe during the COVID-19 shutdown. You can reach out to the most interested buyers in your area and cultivate their interest. By taking some time to give your home a little extra TLC before your virtual tour or open house, you give it a leg up on the local competition and get closer to sold.

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