6 Ways to Upgrade Your Laundry Room

While it might not receive the same attention as bathrooms and kitchens, your laundry area plays an important role in keeping your household running day to day. You may not realize how much you spend drying and washing clothes in this room. Laundry day can be less stressful if you make it more appealing and functional.

Ironing center

After your laundry has been washed and dried you will need to iron and fold your clothes. A fold-out ironing board, or table, can be used to help you efficiently finish these tasks. A fold-out ironing board or table will take up very little wall space and provide a convenient place to do laundry. Many fold-out ironing boards have storage spaces that can be used to store your iron, starch and lint rollers.


If your laundry room is small, you can increase its storage capacity by adding shelving to the wall. Open shelving can be added above the washer and dryer to make it more functional. To organize your shelves, place items that you use for washing (e.g detergents and stain removal) and drying (e.g dryer sheets or dryer balls) above each appliance. For items that don’t need to wrinkle, you can use the laundry room’s back door for hanging hooks. You can also add laundry bins to existing cabinets. This will allow you to keep clean and dirty clothes separated without taking up too much space.

Hanging rod

A hanging rod is a useful addition that can help you with laundry day. These storage items can be used to iron clothes and to hang delicate items that require air drying. Best of all, you can complete this project for less than $50. Make sure to choose a rod that can hold clothing. Also, ensure it can hold the item that you intend to hang.


Laundry rooms can sometimes be darkened by the lack of windows. You can make your laundry room appear brighter by painting it. To make your laundry area more welcoming and brighter, choose a color such as bright white, light grey, or light tan. Decorative wallpaper can be used to brighten up your laundry area.

Light fixtures

Another solution to a dark laundry area is to upgrade the lighting. You can either change the bulb for a lower wattage or replace the whole fixture. You can use small tap lights to illuminate your laundry area under cabinets and shelves.


Even a small upgrade can make all the difference. You can instantly refresh your laundry room by changing the handles, knobs and hinges on your drawers or cabinets. You only need to choose the best hardware for your laundry room, take out the existing hardware and remove the cabinet doors, then add the new hardware. It can be a significant change for a small price–less than $20 depending on the hardware you choose.

Once you’ve upgraded your laundry room, use these tips to help eliminate the toughest stains on your clothing.

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