6 Ways to Stage Your Garage

Staging can help highlight the best features of your house from the kitchen to your bedroom when you are selling your home. Your garage is often overlooked during staging. These tips will help you make your garage look neat and organized when you are selling your house.


Just like staging your home, clearing out your garage is a must. It is possible to take more time because the garage can be used as a storage area for all kinds of sporting equipment and holiday decorations.

Start the process of decluttering by organizing items into categories and planning where each category will be kept. Donate or toss any items that you don’t use. If you have the time and resources to organize a yard sale, you can clear out your garage and make extra cash. Use this guide to organize a successful yard sales.

You might consider moving your cars to the street prior to a showing or open house. Clearing out your garage gives it a more open appearance which allows potential buyers to envision how they would use it.

Add storage

A study by the National Association of Home Builders found that 85 percent of homebuyers listed garage storage as a desirable or must-have feature in a home. You can maximize your garage space by installing storage options that allow you to store items. You can create extra space in your garage by hanging wall storage. However, you need to make sure that the shelves or hooks that you install can hold the weight of the items. Consider installing a pegboard if your garage is partially used as a workshop. This will keep tools visible and off the ground.

Clean the floors

The garage floor can take a beating so make sure you give it a good clean before you sell your house. To remove dirt and dust, sweep the floor and then power wash it. You may also want to power wash the exterior of your garage. These steps can be used to remove oil stains from your garage:

  1. Sweep away any dirt or dust from the area.
  2. Soak the oil stain with paint thinner or mineral spirits.
  3. Cover the area with an absorbent material like kitty litter or corn starch, and allow it to sit overnight.
  4. Sweep away or vacuum the material.
  5. Inspect the area, and repeat the steps if necessary.

Make sure you are working in a well-ventilated place away from heat and open flames.

Paint the walls

The walls of your garage might have blemishes or may look dated. A coat of paint can make your garage look fresh and modern. To make your garage look brighter and more welcoming, choose a color such as bright white, light grey, or light tan.

Update the lighting

A dark garage will not be as appealing as one with lots of light. It is possible to change the bulb to a higher wattage or to replace the whole fixture. This will allow potential buyers to inspect every corner of your garage.

Replace the garage door

If your garage door is old or in dire need of repair, it may be worth replacing it. It’s a worthwhile investment, as a new garage door has a return on investment (ROI) of 97.5 percent, and it will help give your home’s curb appeal a refresh.

By properly staging your garage you can show potential buyers the best features of this multifunctional space.

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