5 Tips to Effectively Stage Your Home This Fall

Fall is a great time to do a variety of activities like carving pumpkins or sitting around a bonfire. Fall can be a great season to get into the housing market. Although there might not be as many people interested in your property as spring or summer, there may be less competition to sell it. Motivated buyers may also want to live in a new home before the holidays. It can help to make your house stand out before buyers come to your home.

Make use of light

As fall approaches and the days get shorter, natural light may become a problem in your home. You should ensure that there is plenty of natural light in your home. Brightly lit rooms will make the space feel larger and more welcoming. You can go from room to room and find any areas that need to be lit. Your lights can be set to turn off after the show by setting timers in your home. However, you should make sure that your bulbs and lamps are regularly checked and replaced. You might consider painting walls to increase the light in specific rooms. You have many options for neutral paint colors, such as gray and white. They reflect light well.

Don’t forget to turn on your exterior lights to give guests a better view of your yard and home after dark. You will be able to welcome guests with warm and welcoming lights, which will increase curb appeal.

Turn on the heat

It is important to make your home comfortable during a showing, especially if you live in cold areas. If you’re getting ready for a showing, try to keep your home’s temperature between 70 and 73 degrees. Potential buyers can become distracted and sweaty if it is too hot. They may be concerned that their heating system is not working properly if it’s too hot.

Emphasize being cozy

Fall marks a time when comfort is paramount. This is a great time to use accent pillows and throws in autumn colors to accentuate your sofa or armchairs. If your home has hardwood or hard tile floors, soft rugs can be placed around it. To help buyers visualize themselves relaxing by the fireplace on cool fall days, you can stack wood next to it. To emphasize the homey feeling, you can ask your agent to turn on an electric or gas fireplace prior to the showing.

Keep up the curb appeal

Summer may be over but you still have a lot to do to make your outdoor space more attractive. These are some suggestions to increase curb appeal:

  • Keeping up with raking leaves
  • Patching brown spots in your lawn
  • Planting fall-friendly flowers like celosias, heleniums, spider mums, and pansies
  • Cleaning the gutters
  • Trimming back plants or bushes
  • Adding a new doormat

A fresh pumpkin on the front porch of your house can make it feel more homey and bring in some color. You must be careful to ensure that the pumpkin doesn’t begin to rot. This can make it difficult for potential buyers to buy your home.

Keep holiday decorating to a minimum

While you might enjoy decorating for Thanksgiving and Halloween, it is better to store your decorations when selling your house. A lot of seasonal decorations can distract from the main point and may even be offensive to potential buyers. Keep the decor simple and fall-inspired, such as an autumn wreath or fall colors.

If you’re looking for more home staging tips, check out this decluttering guide to help each room of your home look spacious and clean.

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