2022 NFL draft order: Jets will pick 4th and 10th

The Jets’ first round picks for the 2022 NFL Draft are now set after New York’s 4 -13 campaigns ended on Sunday.

The Jets’ first-rounder is the fourth. After Seattle’s 7 -10. pick, the Seahawks picked them in the Jamal Adams trade .

Jacksonville is ahead of New York’s initial pick. However, the Jets easily have the most valuable collection of picks — nine in total, according to Tankathon.

The Jets aren’t the only New York team to have two top -10 players. After Big Blue went 4 -13, the Giants will select fifth and seventh (via Bears). Their schedule strength is slightly lower than that of their MetLife Stadium roommates.

The Jets have a lot of options for their first-rounders. With tantalizing prospects, the Jets have a lot of needs for their second and third-rounders. Gang Green could also benefit from a No.

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